Last time we covered the second series of word of mouth tactics which will help you develop a system to shorten the purchasing decision time of your customers to exponentially increase your profits.

Today we’re going to discuss the nine levels of word of mouth that measure the narrative circulating around your company, products and/or services. You will then be able identify where the negative or inferior word of mouth is coming from and develop ways to combat it.

As we launch into the nine levels of word of mouth, it should go without saying that the negative levels are negative and the positive levels are positive.

Minus 4

This is the worst of the worst and basically means your product is creating a scandal. Remember when popular over-the-counter pain relievers like Tylenol were deemed unsafe? This is the kind of word of mouth that you definitely want to avoid at all costs.

Minus 3

Disgruntled customers are going out of their way to convince other consumers not to purchase your products and/or services. At this level your customers are boycotting you.

Minus 2

At this level, while your customers are not actively boycotting you, they are providing a poor review when asked about you.

Minus 1

Customers are mildly dissatisfied with your products and/or services at this level, and while they are not spreading the word about their dissatisfaction, they do offer their opinion when pressed. Despite their dissatisfaction, they still may purchase from you, which can be confusing.

Level 0

As indicated by the lack of number, this level is neutral. Customers are using your products, but they aren’t discussing them. People rarely ask their opinion about the product and they aren’t going out of their way to share their experience. This should be a bit of a warning sign, as you want to avoid turning a neutral experience into a negative one. You need to focus your attention to turning this neutral position into a positive experience.

Plus 1

At this level we are finally starting to work our way into positive of word of mouth about your company, products and/or services. Plus 1 signifies that people are generally pleased with your products, but really don’t make much of an effort to say anything about their experience unless they are asked.

Plus 2

At this level customers will rave about your products when asked.

Plus 3

When you get to this level, customers are going out of their way to share their experience with your products, services, and company in general. A prime example of this is when people recommend movies to their friends and family.

Plus 4

Now your product is the toast of the town. There is a positive buzz around your business and business is booming. Not only are people talking about your wonderful products and/or services, but they are eager to share their shopping experiences, your excellent customer service, and how they perceive your company will benefit them in the future.

Some great examples of Plus 4 companies are:

We’re going to end this session here so you can spend some time thinking about what kind of word of mouth you are generating with your business. If you need help with this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for guidance.

Next time we’re going to look at the 30 ways to harness the power of word of mouth.

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